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Business Insights at your Fingertips
Deep analytics for business growth is no longer limited to large jewelers only.

Funnel Drop

When a customer doesn't make a purchase at the store, you inquire and find out the reason for not purchasing. Similarly, with funnel drop technology, you can identify customers who are dropping off at different steps and proactively reach out to them to gather feedback.

Customer Performance

Gain real-time insights of your customers. Track customers activity, their behaviors, actions, and engagement levels, enabling you to effectively engage even those who are currently less engaged.

App Performance

Stay informed about where customers are discovering your app and downloading it. Track the sources of downloads, monitor the number of installations, and also keep an eye on the rate of uninstalls.

Lifetime Performance

Unlock a comprehensive view of your app's lifetime performance. Track total earnings, monitor cash collections, analyze payment trends, and gain valuable insights to drive informed decisions for long-term success.

Here’s what jewellers say about us

Susil Kumar
Owner of Sumangali Jewellers

We have been running Jewellery buying plans for over a decade now and have more than 2000 customers doing it yearly. In recent years, at least 30-40% of customers started sending their installments on Gpay or phonepay which was convenient for them. However, it became a nightmare for our 7-member accounting team, as they spent the first 4 hours of each day locating these payments. Even then, we couldn't reconcile payments for 30% of customers, having to wait until they provided their statements. After switching to, just one member of my accounting team spends just 10 mins to do this job.

Here’s what jewellers say about us

Have any questions?

Absolutely! We offer seamless integration with your existing jewellery software. Our experienced technical team will ensure a smooth connection between the two systems, ensuring that you don't lose any data or functionality.

Yes, you can use the tool exclusively for your store business if you want. Additionally, you have the flexibility to enable the online option at any time you desire.

Your domain name will be in the format: In case a store name already exists, you can choose a different name. Yes, if you already have your own domain, you can integrate it with our platform. This allows you to use your existing domain name for your store, providing a seamless and familiar experience for your customers.

We integrate at least 2 payment gateways for your app and website to ensure seamless transactions. The system automatically switches to another gateway if one is not functioning properly. The charges for the payment gateway depend on the transaction volume you generate. Our team will negotiate with the providers to get you the best deal possible.
The settlement duration is typically T+1 days. This means that you will receive your money within one business day after the transaction takes place.